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Corporate Office Address : Canyon Plastics Inc. 28455 Livingston Avenue, Valencia, CA 91355

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About Us

Since 1969, Canyon Plastics has continued to provide the highest quality in injection molded, blow molded, and stretch blow molded plastic products. As a diverse organization, we value the importance of building long term partnership with out clients. Everyone here at Canyon Plastics, promises to assist you in exceeding the quality, lead time, cost efficiency of each of your products through our advanced management systems and excellent customer service.

"From Concept to Completion - You give us the concept, we see through the completion"

Industries Served

Medical - Commercial - Pharmaceutical

Aerospace - Nutraceutical - Novelty Markets

Irrigational - Sport Nutrition - Custom Applications

We have 3 locations with around 225,000 sq. ft. in total.

Our Facility - Location 1

Our Administrative and Manufacturing facility is over 110,000 sq. ft. have 28 production lines which includes 14 blow molding lines using HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, STYROLUX, PETG raw materials, 6 injection molding lines using ABS, Polycarbonate, DALERIN, FORTON, PP, HDPE, NOREL, VELEX, and all engineer grade plastics, 3 preform producing line using PET raw material, 2 injection blow lines for PET and 4 stretch blow moulding lines for preforms.

Our Facility - Location 2

This facility have the Inventory storage facility for finished products and preforms. We bring value with solutions that delight customers and enable them to sell more. We earn our customer’s business by providing our services with a responsiveness that differentiates us. We have a sense of urgency and passion for our business that customers respect.We encourage a culture of integrity and shared dedication amongst our talented team of 120+ staff.

Our Facility - Location 3

This will be our Distribution Center. From our standards and process to our engineering and manufacturing we have put in place numerous checks and balances to ensure every bottle is produced with the highest level of quality. We encourage you to read more about why our quality is a step above the rest and, if the opportunity ever presents itself, invite you to tour our facility to see our system yourself!. We insist on using only resins that will consistently perform as promised, documented by proven Batch Quality Assurance Certification.